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£ 5.00

Orelha de Porco

Pork's ear with garlic and onion
£ 6.00

Moelas à Chef

Chicken goblets in a special tomato sauce "Chef Style"
£ 6.50

Mexilhão à Espanhola

Mussels cooked in a special tomato sauce
£ 6.50

Chouriço, Pickles e Azeitonas

Smoked Portuguese sausage, Pickles and olives
£ 6.50

Picado de Frango Grelhado

Grilled sliced chicken
£ 7.00

Barriga de Porco Grelhada com Pickles e Azeitonas

Por belly with Pickles ando olives
£ 7.00

Salada de Bacalhau

Sun dried salted cod salad
£ 7.00

Presunto e Queijo

Parma ham and cheese
£ 7.00

Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato

Clams in white wine sauce
£ 7.50

Omoleta Variada

Option of Omelettes served with chips and salad
£ 7.50

Pica Pau

Beef in red wine sauce
£ 8.00

Salada de Polvo

Octopus Salad
£ 8.00

Picado de Porco

Small pieces of meat (pork) served with French fries in a special sauce, pickles and olives
£ 9.00

Picado de Vaca

Small pieces of meat (beef) served with French fries in a special sauce, pickles and olives
£ 2.80

Caldo Verde c/ Chouriço

Portuguese Traditional cabbage soup with Portuguese smoked sausage

Sardinhas Grelhadas

Grilled Sardines

Salada Três Cores

Three Colour Salad

Cocktail de Camarão

Prawn Cocktail

Pera Abacate com Camarão

Avocado with Prawns

Salmão Fumado

Smoked Salmon

Mexilhão à Espanhola

Mussels in a special tomato sauce
£ 6.50

Mexilhão à Casa

Green lip mussels

Salada Mista de Camarão

£ 6.50


£ 6.50

Salada de Galinha

Mix Salad with chicken

Melão com Presunto

Melon with Parma ham

Espetada de Gambas Grelhadas

Grilled king prawns on a skewer
£ 7.00

Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato

Clams in white wine sauce, "Bulhão Pato Style"
£ 7.00

Gambas à Toca

King Prawnes "A Toca Style"

Salmão Fumado com Miolo de Camarão

£ 8.50

Bitoque de Porco (ou Frango)

Pork steak (or chicken filet) with fried egg

Frango Grelhado

Grilled Chicken

Febras de Porco

Pork steak fillet
£ 9.50

Entrecosto Grelhado

Grilled spare ribs

Barriga de Porco Grelhada

Grilled pork belly

Bitoque de Vaca

Steak with fried eeg

Febras de Frango com molho de Cogumelos

Grilled chicken fillet with mushroom sauce

Febras de Frango com molho de Caril

Grilled chicken fillet with curry sauce

Costeletas de Porco Grelhadas

Grilled pork chops

Costeletas de Borrego Grelhadas

Grilled lamb cutlets
£ 13.00

Grelhada Mista (frango, barriga de porco, chouriço e bife)

Mixed grilled with chicken, pork belly, Portuguese sausage and beef

Espetada de Frango (ou Porco)

Skewer of grilled chicken (or pork)
£ 14.00

Bife à Portuguesa c/ Ovo Estrelado

Sirloin steak Portuguese style with fried egg

Espetada de Bife

Skewer of Beef

Bife à Casa com molho de Cogumelos

House sirlon steak with mushroom sauce
£ 8.50

Sardinhas Grelhadas

Grilled sardines

Truta grelhada

Grilled trout

Lulas Grelhadas

Grilled Squid

Salmão grelhado

Grilled Salmon

Cherne Grelhado

Grilled wreckfish

Posta de Peixe Espada Grelhada

Grilled scabbard loin steak

Bacalhau à Brás

Mix of sun dried salted cod cooked with onion, egg and chips, "Brás" style

Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá

Mix of sun dried salted cod oven baked with onions, sliced boiled egg and potatos, "Gomes de Sá" style

Bacalhau com Natas

Cod with cream

Dourada Grelhada

Grilled sea bream

Espetada de lulas Grelhadas

Squid brochette with prawns

Robalo Grelhado

Grilled sea bass
£ 14.50

Grelhada Mista de Peixe

Mixed grilled fish

Bacalhau com todos

Sun dried salted cod boiled with potatos and vegetables

Bacalhau à Lagareiro

Sun dried salted cod "Lagareiro" style
£ 15.00

Polvo à Lagareiro

Boiled Octopus with potatoes and vegetables "Lagareiro Style"

Polvo com Todos

Boiled octopus with potatos and vegetables

Linguado Grelhado

Grilled dover sole

Picanha à Brasileira

Brasilian style picanha
£ 17.50

Posta à Mirandesa

Grilled sirloin steak "Mirandesa Style"

Costeleta de Vaca Grelhada

House grilled fore-rib steak

Costeleta de Novilho Grelhada

House grilled veal chop

Bife à Chefe com Pimenta Preta e Presunto

Grilled black peper steak with Parma ham
£ 29.50

Entrecote de Boi Laminado

Entrecote beef rolled
£ 29.50

Arroz de Marisco (2 pax)

Seafood rice (for 2 people)

Massa de Marisco (2 pax)

Seafood pasta (for 2 people)

Feijoada de Marisco (2 pax)

White beams and seafood stew (for 2 people)

Arroz de Tamboril (2 pax)

Monkfish rice (for 2 people)
£ 30.00

Cataplana do Mar (2 pax)

Mix fish cataplana (for 2 people)

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